Our Services

Paripalana Pain and Palliative Care has been established in 2008. The main motive of this organization is to find people who are suffering from deadly disease like cancer, people undergoing dialasis, paralyzed patients and people with cardiac diseases who are in real need of help.


A large number of such patients lead a pitable and miserable life. We wish to focus attention on those people who are devoid of any medicine, proper treatment or care.

We distribute medicine, food, clothing, wheel chairs, water beds, urine bags and accessories and also give necessary financial help to the most deserving patients and their families.

Our activities covers from west Kochi to Aroor.

As a part of rehabilitation programme, we have constructed 4 houses. At present we have adopted 45 patients and their families. We distribute provisions every month to those deserving families. We have distributed almost 110 wheel chairs.

We also give awareness classes to the public and students regarding the steps to be taken to prevent series illness like cancer. We also conduct medical camps and mobile clinic for public at different areas with prior notice. All activities are carried out with valuable financial help from kind hearted peopleand organizations.