About Us

Pain and Palliative Care is the result of the growth and development in the Health Care  sector by the peoples participation Palliative care is the necessary correction of the view that chronic diseases were solely the responsibility of the patients and their families.  The Palliative Care institution was started in London on 1960 by Dr.Cicily Saunders.

            Every human  being has the right to be free from miseries and to live in dignity.  Palliative Care  is making an attempt acknowledge that right.  As a human being we have a duty to remove the sufferings of our fellow human beings.  We are committed to perform that responsibility.

            The main aim of the Palliative Care is to provide proper nursing and relief to the chronic patients.  The activities of the Palliative Care mainly aim at providing physical , mental , spiritual ,financial and social assistance to give them a better life.  This institution – Paripalan Pain and Palliative Care  – was inaugurated and started functioning on 27th July 2008 with the above objectives in view.  The institution is entering the  thirteenth year with Gods grace and blessings.

            The activities of the Paripalana include providing medicine, food, dress, wheel- chair, education, dwellings etc. to the deserving poor in the society who have been suffering from chronic diseases as also orphans, with the  active participation of the general public.  The activities also include organizing medical camps, study classes, seminars etc. preparation and distribution of pamphlets and brochures etc.  We have been maintaining a social perspective when we are engaged in the activities of the Palliative Care.  This is why we are able to participate in the activities of this institution to come to the aid of those who are outside the mainstream of life, in the field of health as also in matters of the sufferings of the poor and needy.

            The activities of Paripalana aim to better the lives of the poor and needy patients of chronic diseases and cover the areas of Thoppumpady, Kumbalanghy, Perumpadappu, Edakochi, Palluruthy upto Aroor.

Visiting the patients (Home Care)

The Palliative Care take case of those who suffer from chronic disease and remain at home.  The suffering ones are visited and they are given love and consolation along with the help that is needed.  These patients include cancer patients,those undergoing dyalasis ,the  paralysed, those suffering from cerebral pulsy, the ones remaining on wheel chairs, those who are affected with spinal problems  etc.

Cancer awareness Seminar

            We conduct cancer awareness classes in residential areas, schools and colleges with the understanding that as the volunteers of the Palliative Care it is our duty and responsibility to educate people to follow the required life style to fight against cancer to remove certain misunderstandings in the society about cancer and to console.

Palliative Care Day Celebration

            Awareness classes about the relevance and necessity for Palliative care are held during this period.  The aim of these classes is to make the participants understand that it is the duty and responsibility of each and everyone to locate the poor who suffer from chronic diseases and to ensure that all possible help and care is given to them.  Alongwith that they are also given training and guidance to form Palliative Care units and undertake necessary work.

Help to those who remain hungry

Every month,Provisonal  kits containing miscellaneous items worth Rs. 500 are distributed to each family of the poor who suffer from chronic ailments.  Kits containing twelve items like Rice, Sugar, Tea, Coconut oil, Pulses, Soap etc. reach each home  every month regularly.  This help has been going on since the beginning of the Paripalana.

Mobile Clinic

Even while engaged in the work of the Palliative Care, the Mobile Clinic plan also goes on with the idea that this is an organization concerned with the health problems of the general public.  Mobile clinic refers to the plan where the doctors and nurses of Paripalana go in the vehicle of Paripalana to the patients on the dates already fixed, examine the patients and medicines supplied free of cost.  This scheme started in February 2016 in the Alappuzha Zilla Panchayat when Vice President Smt. Dalima Jojo flagged off the same.

            The poor people who fall ill in the localities not much developed and in places away from main towns and cities and poor villagers often are not in  a position even to get first aid.  There is a sharp rise in the number of diseases and there are many poor people around us who are not able to get any medical aid.  Paripalan tries their best to findout the health problems  in the neighbourhood and do the needful in the matter.

Celebration on special days

Onam, Christmas, World Palliative Care Day – all these are celebrated in Orphanages, old age homes etc. along with the poor and neglected, the poor in the society who suffer from various ailments and the differentially abled persons.On such occasions they are given new dress, gifts, special food and also arrange games, recreations etc.

Student’s Palliative Care

The idea of kindling the energy of the students as also the unseen kindness and mercy in them, and transforming them into students willing to shoulder social responsibility, led to the launching of the Student’s Palliative Care.

            It is a sorry state of affairs that today the youth are more interested in lifeless objects than with fellow human beings.  They spend more time in watching television, playing mobile and computer games etc.  By spending much time with machinery, they tend to think and act like machines.  We can also find a number of people in the society who have become slaves to liquor and drugs.  This situation may be changed if more and more youth join the Palliative Care activities.

            Through Palliative Care groups of virtuous members can be formed which would become strong units in due course of time.  They would exhibit social responsibility and justice and would be able to face the obstacles.  They come across and deal with real – life situations which would make them more and more kind hearted, loving and compassionate.

            Those who are coming forward to join the activities of Paripalana are given classes before hand, and they are given certificates once they complete two years of activities.

Activities relating to providing homes to the deserving.

            So far (upt 2018) four houses have been built and handed over to the families of poor homeless patients in different localities.  Help and guidance is given to the suffering poor to get the sanction of cancer pension, welfare pension, medical aid etc. So far about one hundred wheel chairs and one electronic wheel chair costing above Rs. 1 lakh have been provided to the deserving poor.  Expenses towards dialysis, scanning, medicines etc. are met from the limited funds of Paripalana and by finding sponsors.

            There are many sick people in our society who have no means to pay for their treatment and also others who live without medicine and food.  There are also many poor and neglected persons who suffer from chronic ailments and leading lonely live s in pain and perpetual poverty.

            We are trying to bring to the notice of the kind hearted and generous people around us the pitiful cries of the lonely suffering ones.

            We have been able to continue our activities only with the inspiration and help of some selfless persons.  No words of gratitude will be enough for the encouragement given by them in silence as also for their help and co-operation.  We convey to them our whole heated gratitude, love and our prayers. Let us go and meet our fellow human beings who are living in poverty, misery and pain and who have been eagerly waiting for us.  Let us try to do our best to remove darkness from their lives and show them the light of life.  For this noble deed  what is required is not money but a helping mentality compassion and love towards our fellow beings.

            With love and prayers,

Xavier Pothampally                                                                           Justus James
President                                                                                                     Secretary